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It is crystal
Deep and pure
A perfect sphere
A deep misty black
If you look into it's depths
You can see many things
Look to hard...
And you will forget who and what you are

It is crystal
Very sensiteve
A harsh vibration will crack it
Will break shards from it

It is crystal
Very ressiliant
It will heal and mend itself if given time
Will grow back what it has lost
Will errass the cracks and marring

It is crystal
It will respond to you
See it as a swirling mist
Like water formed in air
It will become depthless
Like water...

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But, oh!
So felt.
Like the wind
The heat
Or the cold.
Sometimes a plesure
Often painfull.
Half empty
Never full

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When This Is Over

When this is over
Maybe I'll reflect. . .
Perhaps. . .
What was
May lose it's meaning to me
May become more important than ever

When this is over
I may wonder
What is next?
Perhaps, I will know by then
Perhaps, I won't
Perhaps, it will be of no importance to me
Perhaps, it will be the most important thing

When this is over
Maybe, I will know
What it all was for
Perhaps, it will still be a mystery
Maybe, it won't matter either way

When this is over
Many things will be clear
As well, many things will still confuse me

When this is over
I may be myself
I may be some-one else
I may be no-one at all
I may be nothing
Perhaps, I will be some of it all

When this is over
My views will have changed
Does it matter?
Perhaps, it does
Perhaps, it doesn't

When this is over
Perhaps. . .
It will remain in memmory
Maybe I will forget it completely

When this is over
Maybe I will see a great tapestry
And realize
Oh, I simply got too involved in it's detail

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They are brief
Existing. . .
Only for a moment

Thay are long-lasting
Strong and bold
Leaving behind
An eternal shadow of it's passing

They are alive
With a life of their own
Living an entire lifetime
In a matter of moments
Eventually to die. . .

They come
In a sweep of creation
Creating worlds
And there destructive ends

They are bright and cheerful
Full of joy
Other times. . .
Their depressing
Quietly grim

Once in a great while
They are vacant
Without existence

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For Some And Others

'Tis bright
Lasting, but a while
Bringing many things within it's wake

For some
It brings a joy
A feeling of life
For some
A great relief
Or something to look foward to.

For others
It brings a dreading
A deep anxiety
A grim worrying

Is different for all, this thing which comes
And is bright.
When it's gone. . .

Some find it peacefull
Some, inspiring

Others wake to a hungering
A desire unquenchable
Some fall prey to their own terrible fears

And, to a very few
It just is, was
And is again.

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The air flies past
The eternal sky reels
The earth is like a map.

Nothing seems to real
Yet, every detail of reality becomes undeniable.

There is no weight
Yet, I fall forever.

There is no control
Yet, I may go in any direction I like.

In a state of accelerated motion
There is a great sense of stillness.

A chaotic peace.

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The Experience

It often seems to last an eternity
At other times, the least of all moments

It lay in waiting
And it's passing is both cherrished and abhored.

Sometimes remembered
Sometimes forgotten

Existing with us in the present
Existing as all we've known
Existing even in our anticipation of what will be

Above all. . .
Existing as an endless reminder of life
The life that was, is and is to be

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